Sunday, March 23, 2008

Finding it difficult to buy fresh prawns @ affordable prices?!

Ever gone to the supermarkets or wet markets to buy your favourite prawns and only to find them not to be as fresh as expected? Ever find those really fresh prawns too expensive? You just have to travel too far to find those prawns you really want? Frustrating, isn’t it?

Fret no more!! Prawn Boy is providing you with the ultimate prawn delivery service!!! You get fresh prawns at affordable prices, right to your doorstep! Please tell me it can’t get any better!

From the slides below, you can see what kind of prawns I am bringing to you. These are mainly the medium sizes. Large and extra large sizes can be provided, subject to availability. I am not only providing prawns but also crayfish as well!! Not the small ones, mind you. It’s those big ones with substantial meat in them! Yes! No longer will you get big shells with small morsels of meat for you to savour!

Now you are wondering how fresh my prawns can be. I buy live prawns except for ocean and angka prawns (which are freshly caught by trawlers and packed in ice). Yes, LIVE! The prawns are jumping while I buy them and I will deliver them to you in the next few hours to you! Of course, if your schedule is tight, then another delivery time can be arranged!

Will my prawns deteriorate from the time I buy them to the time you get them? The answer is NO! I use ice boxes with excellent insulation and packed with ice. These are the same ice boxes used by fishermen when they go overseas fishing for few days.

For my pricing, you will find them reasonable for really fresh prawns that are delivered straight to your doorstep. NO FUSS, NO HASSLE!! Let Prawn Boy take care of your prawn needs!

And now for the most important bit..... pricing and orders. Orders are in denominations of 1kg and minimum order is 1kg of a single species of prawn. Oh yes, I don’t do overseas delivery. For example, you are in Pakistan and have an urgent craving for prawns, it will be a bit difficult to get FRESH prawns to you! Hahaha! All orders are for delivery in Singapore.

Below are the detailed pricing (prices are per kg):

Grey prawns (Medium) : S$11
Grey prawns (Large) : S$14
Tiger prawns (Medium) : S$17
Ocean prawns (Large) : S$22
Ang Ka prawns (Medium) : S$20
Ang Ka prawns (Large) : S$24
Jiu Jie/Gao Zat prawns(Medium) : S$17
Crayfish (Large) : S$23

Disclaimer: Prices may be subject to changes due to changes in supply. However, the prices are not expected to vary more than S$1 per kg.

For orders, please sms or call Chet a.k.a. Prawn Boy at 8189 3848 or e-mail Kindly state your name, the quantity (in kg) for kind of prawn, the delivery address and the date and time of delivery required. I will do my very best to deliver it to you on the required date!!! For large quantities (above 10kg for any one kind of prawn), kindly call 2 days in advance for me to adequately fulfil your orders!

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