Monday, April 28, 2008

Revision in prices and products

It's Prawn Boy again! Thanks for the support so far and I am extremely grateful! Due to rising costs (especially for oil and food prices), it is inevitable that my prices have to be revised. Well, prices have been rising and I have been absorbing the additional costs.

I would very much like to keep to the old prices but alas! It is not very much possible. Also, I have dropped a few products from my product listing.

So here's the revised product and price listing (prices are per kg):

Tiger prawns (Medium) : S$18
Ocean prawns (Large) : S$25
Crayfish/Slipper Lobster (large) : S$26

Please note that for crayfish / slipper lobster, it may not be a round kg. There will be always a bit more / less and will be charged accordingly (e.g. 1.3kg = $33.80)

There are other products to add but price is upon asking:

1. Red garoupa (whole fish)
2. Garoupa meat
3. White Promfret (whole fish)
4. Silver Promfret / Dou Chang(in Mandarin)(Again, whole fish)

For whole fish, it is not descaled nor are the insides taken out. If you want them descaled and "cleaned", kindly let me know when enquiring.

Prawn Boy will also be posting some recipes for your home cooking. A bit of ideas for you to consider! :)

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