Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chinese New Year is round the corner!!

Hi all! Apologies for not updating all of you as Prawn Boy has been pretty busy!

As you would all know, Chinese New Year ("CNY") is just round the corner! With all the potential feasting, wouldn't you like to get some really nice and fresh prawns / seafood for CNY?

As with past CNYs, prices are usually jacked up a month earlier. I have spoken to my suppliers and it seems that prices have been doubled if not more!!! Sigh.... So I have no choice but to adjust my prices accordingly! But not to worry, my prices will revert back to normal once CNY is over.

Do note for orders for CNY, minimum order per delivery is 2 kgs combined with a minimum of 1 kg of each type of seafood. As usual, prices are upon asking for various fish types and may also vary on that day itself!! Not to worry, it will still be cheaper than what you get at the supermarket or wet market!

So here's the revised product and price listing (prices are per kg):

Grey Prawns (Large): S$25
Tiger Prawns (Medium): S$30
Ocean prawns (Large) : S$40
Crayfish/Slipper Lobster (large) : S$42

My contact: 8189 3848

Note: Availability for Tiger Prawns is limited. Hence, if you want Tiger Prawns and I can't get you any, do let me know alternatives!

Also do take note of scheduled CNY delivery times:

3,10, 17 Jan (Whole Day)
24 Jan (morning & afternoon only)

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